President's Message

8th March, 2021

Dear Friends,

As per the majority views in the General Body Meeting of our Association held on 6th March, 2021, I fully understand and appreciate your spontaneous decision to voluntarily close your units from 11th to 13th March in protest against this unrelentless price hike by paper mills and our inability to cope with this situation. We may have to make further sacrifices in the days to come to sustain and to keep our units viable.

Paper prices are being increased arbitrarily and since November 2020 there is an increase of 60- to 65% so far. Other inputs including steel stitching wire, starch, labour, energy, transportation and other costs have witnessed unprecedented rise thereby increasing the conversion cost by 40 – 50%.

If the situation continues, the very survival of the industry is under threat.

Our sincere intention for this voluntary shutdown is to seek:

  • Awareness among consumers of corrugated box on the situation and better understanding of the ground realities so that the corrugated box industry is paid what is legitimately due towards the phenomenal Kraft Paper pricehikes and Conversion costs.
  • Price stability and transparency from paper mills and get them to the negotiating table in framing a medium to long term pricingpolicy.
  • We draw the attention of the government to ease availability of kraft paper and monitor export of kraft paper so that domestic requirements are met.

My sincere request to all my Members to show solidarity by supporting this cause.

For Eastern India Corrugated Box Manufacturers’ Association,

Mohit Bajaj
President, EICMA