President's Message

28th August, 2022

Itís a great honour to become the President of this illustrious organization on its golden jubilee year.

The country and our industry have both gone through stressful two years due to Covid 19 pandemic. But hopefully the sunshine over the horizon on a new day is happening. The economy is looking bullish and let us believe the upswing will bring in a new era of only growth. Overall, the packaging industry is projected to grow over 22% year to year and the corrugated box industry slated to be in the same wagon.

The carbon footprint factor will open up new opportunities for creative designs and innovation skills to replace single use raw materials. We should rise to take up the challenge to serve the society. The association would contemplate starting R&D activities to meet the challenge.

Key areas of worry for our industry needs to addressed in the coming days, the smooth availability of raw material and skilled labours. Both of which would be crucial to our projected growth.

"United we stand divided we fall."

The growth of our association over last 50 years has been due to our united efforts and guidance from our seniors and past Presidents. Let us move with the same direction.

Jai Hind

Achyut Chandra
President, EICMA