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EICMA has been continuously enriching its library with useful information covering areas like Taxation, Compliances, Technical data etc. EICMA members may request any of the information from the association's electronic library which will be delivered over email subject to clearance of Association's Annual Subscription.

The list of information articles available is as under which may be requisitioned by the member in the form that follows.

Doc. No. Date Subject
C-0082 15/02/2018 SC Judgement - No Cenvat Credit On Outward Freight
C-0081 23/09/2017 Clarification On Reversal Of Cenvat Credit On Discounts Received
C-0080 Case Law Service Tax
C-0079 20/08/2014 TDS on Printed Boxes
C-0078 20/08/2014 I.T. circulars - TDS u/s 194c not applicable on printed boxes “sold”
C-0077 20/01/2014 SME Policy on Delayed Payments
C-0076 20/01/2014 Central Excise – (SSI Exemption Vs. Capital Goods) - Opinion
C-0075 10/09/2013 Cenvat Credit on Primary Education Cess & SHEC Charged On Paper Cess
C-0074 EICMA Website Maintenance & Web Hosting
C-0073 14/03/2013 Duty on removal of Capital Goods after being used or cleared as waste or scrap is unconstitutional
C-0072 28/12/2012 Procedure to Reset Password in Case Account with aces.gov.in is Blocker
C-0071 29/08/2012 Service Tax - Reverse Charges Chart
C-0070 29/08/2012 Amendments in service tax regulations Implications for the industry
C-0069 17/08/2012 Reverse charge for directors & security services – FAQ
C-0068 20/07/2012 Outward transportation of manufactured goods up to place of removal is input service
C-0067 20/07/2012 CENVAT credit available on Freight Paid for transportation of goods from factory to place of removal
C-0066 16/07/2012 Dos and Dont's for printing and submitting of ITR-Vs to ITD-CPC Bangalore
C-0065 16/07/2012 Password For ITR-V Acknowledgement How To Apply
C-0064 21/06/2012 Section 206AA not applicable to persons having income below taxable limits
C-0063 28/05/2012 Disclosure in respect of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises in Annual Financial Statements
C-0062 05/03/2012 Whom should Assessee contact for Income Tax refund
C-0061 05/03/2012 Reasons for mismatch/missing credits in Parts A/B of Form 26AS and remedy (TDS/TCS)
C-0060 05/03/2012 How to view TDS Certificate from Form 26AS
C-0059 05/03/2012 New Email id to request Income Tax Account Password reset
C-0058 09/02/2012 Deduction U/s 80D for Mediclaim Premium to Individual, HUF and Senior Citizens
C-0057 01/02/2012 TDS not deductible on freight chargers shown separately in Goods Purchase Bill - High Court Judgment
C-0056 05/01/2012 TDS u/s 194C not deductible on Packing or Printed material supplied to us as per specification
C-0055 22/12/2011 Outward transportation of finished goods from the place of removal covered by definition of ‘input service’ up to 31.03.2008, service tax paid thereon eligible as CENVAT Credit
C-0054 08/12/2011 Guidelines for reporting TDS transactions where amount paid to deductee has not exceeded the threshold limit
C-0053 08/12/2011 Prerequisites for furnishing correction TDS/TCS statement and how to know the status of TDS/TCS return submitted
C-0052 08/12/2011 View TDS, Income Tax and Self Assessment Tax Credit Free of cost
C-0051 08/12/2011 TDS Defaults and Consequences
C-0050 08/12/2011 Dos & Donts on TDS / TCS Challans
C-0049 21/11/2011 Relevant re-productions – Amendments in WBVAT Rules 2005
C-0048 31/10/2011 No Disallowance u/s. 40(a)(ia) of Expenses for Short-Deduction of TDS
C-0047 10/10/2011 How to resolve Inconsistencies in TDS/TCS Statements through Correction Statements
C-0046 29/09/2011 Dos and Don’ts for printing and submitting of ITR-Vs to ITD-CPC Bangalore (A.Y. 2011-12)
C-0045 23/09/2011 How to check your TDS/TCS tax credit in form 26AS and reason for mismatch
C-0044 23/09/2011 Form 26AS – Check tax credits before filing IT return and Rectification of Errors & Omissions
C-0043 23/09/2011 Correction/Revised TDS/TCS statement – why to furnish, types, procedure, fees, where to submit, prerequisites, online status check
C-0042 23/09/2011 Revised / Correction TDS Return – How to make make Correction in Deductee Details
C-0041 23/09/2011 e-TDS return – How to make Correction or Revision in TDS payment challan details
C-0040 11/03/2011 New Members - Routine Procedures & Declaration Formats
C-0039 22/02/2011 Union Budget 2011-12 - General Implications of Finance Bill & Notifications
C-0038 Opportunity Cost – The Cost Mantra
C-0037 11/11/2010 Service Tax Input Service Credit & Excise on Outward Freight
C-0036 21/10/2010 Excise Duty on Corrugated Board Boxes with Top Duplex - Query & Reply
C-0035 Useful Technical Information on Boxes
C-0034 05/10/2010 Classification of Fitments under the Category of Boxes
C-0033 11/09/2010 Cenvat Credit on Service Tax Paid on Rent
C-0032 11/09/2010 Draft Reply for Exemption from Filing ER-4, ER-5 & ER-6 Excise Returns - 01.07.2010
C-0031 08/09/2010 TDS on Printed Material Sold - I.T. Circulars - Non Applicability under Section 194C
C-0030 02/09/2010 Circular on Waxed paper-Levy of cess dated 30-03-1990
C-0029 14/07/2010 Excise Duty on Corrugated Board - Note & Relevant Notifications
C-0028 20/03/2010 FCBM Circular - Routine Procedures Under Excise & Service Tax 2010-11
C-0027 20/03/2010 FCBM Circular - Excise Duty On Corrugated Board Boxes - Union Budget 2010-11
C-0026 20/03/2010 Declaration Formats Under Excise 2010-11
C-0025 02/09/2009 Judgment copy of Central Excise on Order-in-Appeal No. 214-CE/APPL/KNP/2009 dated 21.08.2009
C-0024 Technical Information - Units of measurement and Conversion Factors
C-0023 Standard Test Method for Thickness of Board
C-0022 Corrugated Box Manufacturers' Practical Standards
C-0021 Standard Test Method for Moisture Content in Paper and Paperboard
C-0020 Standard Test Method for Ring Crush Resistance of Paper and Paperboard
C-0019 Standard Test Method for Compression Strength of Corrugated Box
C-0018 Technical Information - Box Styles
C-0017 Technical Information - Adhesives
C-0016 Standard Test Method for Grammage of Kraft Paper and Corrugated Fibreboard
C-0015 Standard Test Method for Water Absorption (COBB Method)
C-0014 Nomenclature - A Glossary of Terms Related to the Corrugated Packaging Industry
C-0013 Standard Test Method for Puncture Resistance of Corrugated Fibreboard
C-0012 Standard Test Method for Bursting Strength of Corrugated Fibreboard
C-0011 09/07/2009 Union Budget 2009 -10 - Direct Taxes
C-0010 09/07/2009 Union Budget 2009 -10 - Indirect Taxes
C-0009 20/03/2009 Supreme Court Constitution Bench Judgment: Ratan Melting & Wire Industries (14.10.08)
C-0008 12/03/2009 Routine Procedures Under Excise & Service Tax 2009
C-0007 12/03/2009 Declarations, Notifications & Compliances under CENVAT
C-0006 16/02/2009 Central Excise Tariff Code
C-0005 14/10/2008 Eligibility of SSI Exemption of Central Excise Duty - Branded Packaging Post by Supreme Court Order
C-0004 14/10/2008 Ratan Melting Judgment
C-0003 11/08/2008 Stay Order by Allahabad Court against Notices issued by Kanpur Central Excise – Against SSI Exemption – Branded Packaging
C-0002 24/03/2008 Service Tax Procedure for incoming & outgoing freight on Goods Transport Agency
C-0001 21/03/2008 Declarations, Notifications & Compliances under CENVAT

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